Fro-Zen is an ongoing series of images created in the fall of 2007, as a project for a course entitled, Concept and Design. My vision for these images was to freeze things from nature, then photograph them through the various melting stages. The series, which seemed to be a simple idea, an experimental concept, sparked the numerous imaginative photographs you will see displayed throughout this show. “Orchid” was the first photograph of the series, but, I feel “Leaf” is the signature photograph of the series.

With the use of a 50mm macro lens and my Canon Rebel XT digital camera, I was able to create these beautiful, abstract images that are filled with light, energy, and color. This project creates a mood and sets a tone of how I see, interpret, and visualize fine art photography.

The Fro-Zen series has also been a way for me to use photography to heal some personal pain. Since I first breathed life into this project, ten years ago, it definitely has taken on its own meaning and style. Creating these images has helped me cope with the loss of loved- ones who have passed-on, in my life. It is a way for me to connect with them spiritually– knowing that their energy surrounds me daily. The work is based on keeping their spirit alive, which is the main reason why I created these photographs. These images represent feelings and emotions that arise within me during moments of sadness and loneliness. In addition, Fro-Zen has allowed me to explore the world of macro photography and how to construct quiet, peaceful, and powerful images, while using the expression of art as my emotional and creative outlet.